Monthly Archives: October 2011

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What’s this…?

Two blog posts in one day?!?!   That’s just crazy talk!   I know what you’re thinking…”Are all of your clients drop-dead gorgeous, or what??”  And the answer is, “Yes, why yes, they are!”  It just so happens that beautiful (inside and out!) runs in this family – AND their extended family!   These precious ones are cousins to those lil ones I just posted earlier today!   I can honestly say I’ve never met a sweeter, kinder, well-behaved, more respectful bunch of kids…them’s good genes!  

I always look forward to this session every year.  For some reason, these kids inspire me…they are my muses.  Maybe it’s because I have been capturing them since I first started my business.  They’ve been with me and watched me grow as a photographer and throughout that journey, they have always given me their complete trust and confidence in my vision and who I am.  Just puts me to ease and as always, some of my favorite images that I’ve ever taken come from their sessions.

Fall has arrived!

Ah, yes…it’s that time of year again, my friends.  I can tell by the fact that I’ve been sitting in this chair in front of my computer for the past 72 hours straight, taking occasional potty breaks and getting a few winks of sleep in every once in a while.  I’ve also broken my oath to not drink Diet Mt. Dew ever again. { That didn’t last very long, did it??}   Thankfully, I’ve been sick the past few days so there isn’t much more that I could be doing than working.  Don’t judge me, my pajamas are very comfortable.

I will say, however, that the BEST part of this time of year is getting to see my favorite families once again (Yay!) and be amazed at how much the little ones have grown!  They seem to know how to steal my heart away with a single look and make my day brighter with their sweet smiles!  These two little guys are no exception.  They were certainly a workout (maybe even more than the 10 miles I ran that morning!), but I couldn’t help but melt like putty in their hands.  They just keep getting cuter each year and this year they brought their beautiful lil sis along.  She was so calm and sweet…so lucky to have two older brothers to look out for her.  I truly love this family, I cannot say enough wonderful things about them!  It was so hard for me to keep their family pics under raps (so as to not spoil their Christmas card…which ROCKS, by the way!!), but I couldn’t resist – here’s just a few for now.

Long overdue.

I was looking for this session on my blog and I realized that I never posted the pics!  It probably happened last year during the holiday season in the midst of our crazy schedule and was overlooked.  My apologies…I suppose it’s better late than never!

Love this family…they are so photogenic!  This lil man has never taken a bad photo and his lil sis is quite the ham!