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Where did our summer go?

I cannot deny it…I apologize for the lack of posts and neglect to my blog.  This summer has been filled with science and fine arts camps, playdates and sleepovers, family get togethers, catching up with old friends, swim lessons, early morning runs, weekend getaways, gymnastics classes, countless homecooked meals, daily trips to Blockbuster, and lots of just good, plain fun.  As quick as it started, it seemed to have come to an abrupt halt.

We are going on the 5th day of school now, and slowly but surely life is falling back into a scheduled routine.  Room by room, my house is gradually moving from chaos into some state of order.   Funny how order only returns to my home during the school year when the kids spend 4-5 waking hours here, most of which is spent doing homework, eating, bathing and getting ready for school, gymnastics, and soccer.

I was off most of the summer, but had the privilege of capturing this lil cutie patootie for her 1st birthday!  As difficult as one-year old sessions are (mainly because they will only stay in one spot for a MAX of 5 seconds!), they are totally worth it!   To be able to capture their sweet smiles and cute expressions is priceless!

For those of you that have inquired about Fall sessions, I am considering offering only a very, very, very limited number of sessions in October.  More details to come soon!

Dream job.

I would’ve never guessed I’d be lucky enough to do something I love so much when I grew up…


These were taken at a workshop I attended this summer from the incredibly talented and outrageously HILARIOUS rockstar extraordinaire Angie Monson of Simplicity Photography.  I cannot tell you how much fun I had meeting such a great group of girls.  I hope to post more later of our country session (I’ll never forget our time together in the fields, TJ!)…