Monthly Archives: December 2009

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Crazy cool.

I just ran across this guy who attached a DSLR lens to his iPhone. Didn’t think it was possible, much less that it could take good images…but you’d be surprised!  Here’s a link to his story….as well as how he did it!   You should definitely check out his Flickr stream of photos taken with his “Phone-O-Scope” creation.

As for me, I’ve been laying low the past week, decompressing, cleaning closets, napping as much as humanly possible, and spending some much-needed QT with the fam.  I still have 3 sessions in my editing queue which I hope to start working on next week as well as a newborn session for a Christmas Eve baby tomorrow.  Til then I’m enjoying the kids being out of school and having lots of snuggle time at the Beyer house!

And what’s a blog post without pictures??  :)  Snow day here in Houston was AMAZING.  It was just a light snow (and short-lived!), but unexpected and fun nonetheless!








This next series of photos cracks me up…Ethan is behind Kate hitting her with snowballs while she, on the other hand, is paying him no attention whatsover and licking ice off of the wagon.  Good times.



Yummmm…that’s some good snow.


Sneaky, sneaky!  Don’t be fooled by my tiny size!


I hope you all had a wonderful, blessed Christmas holiday with your loved ones and your upcoming year is filled with peace and happiness!  See you in 2010~

Almost there…

Whew! I am finally starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel after a hectic couple of months and it looks like my holiday orders are almost done! Yippie! Now time to finish editing A & J’s session and to get my own Christmas cards out in the mail!

In the meantime, I thought I’d share my latest project with you for my dear friend, Frisbie. Frisbie is actually his last name, but we just call him Frisbie. He is absolutely the funniest guy EVER, hands down. Just thinking of him makes me smile. Not to mention he is a sweetheart and he has been sooooo patient while waiting for me to design this album. Sending you and your beautiful family hugs and love this Holiday season, Fris!

These albums take a loooooong time to do, so if you’re interested in ordering one – start planning now for next year’s Christmas gift!


With much excitement and joy, these parents welcomed Baby T into the world.  What a wonderful, much-anticipated Christmas blessing to receive!


I promise to post more later from this session…a week of late-nights has me worn out!  Sweet dreams…



My hubby and I got the opportunity to sneak away for the weekend to head to my favorite city – Austin, TX to see my favorite team, the Longhorns, play.  Hook ’em Horns!  Though our trip was short, we had a great time catching up with friends, watching football and visiting Trudy’s before heading back…not to mention, I had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to the B Family while I was there.  Welcome, Baby I…




And as always, it was great to see Big Sis C, who was as charming as can be….



She is looking more like her mamma every day!


And I could not resist sharing this one…gotta love a Longhorn who bleeds burnt orange!


And lastly, I want to wish my dear friend S a Happy Birthday!  Looking forward to celebrating with you girls over the holidays!