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Well, I have to admit I’m a bit timid jumping into this new and unchartered territory, Seniors.  And by that I mean High School Seniors, not the kind over 65…just in case you were wondering!  Hee hee!  :)

I’ve only done a few seniors and it’s a whole different ballgame than babies or kids or families…they actually listen to you and sit in one spot!  But from what I’ve gathered so far, I think I’m really going to enjoy it!  I’m working on getting a few senior reps next year and have a site-in-progress dedicated especially to this endeavor…til then, here’s a few images from a recent session.  Enjoy!

If you’re currently a junior in HS and wanting to book your senior portraits for Spring/Summer 2010, I am booking now for February!


Feelin’ the Love…

I was pleasantly surprised when my good friend, Mary, asked if she could highlight my photography in a recent article of hers.  She is a freelance writer on pregnancy topics for, the “insider source for everything local”.  Mary has three active boys all under the age of 6, and she just happens to be one of the most organized and on-top-of-it moms I have ever met…definitely an inspiration to me.  Check out her recent articles here:

Speaking of inspirational women, I must mention another friend, Vanessa, of Jacquelyn Reece Baby and Kids.  She writes one of the most awesome blogs I’ve come across.  I’ve found some very helpful resources from her blog posts and not just on topics relating to children’s decor.  The girl has got some serious style goin on!  Check it out:  Not to mention she runs a very successful custom bedding and design business –  she can help you plan your dream nursery or children’s room like you would not believe! 

Here are some recent photographs I took of her work:

Please check out their sites and leave them a comment or two, we could all use a lil more lovin’….!  :)


Thanks, girls…I consider it an honor to be able to work with you and am so blessed by your friendship!


Falling all over again….

I don’t know what it is about these newborn sessions, but every time it seems as if I fall in love with each precious baby all over again.  Their sweet, sweet smell, the adorable smiles that make you melt, the tenderness shared between mom & dad & baby…I cannot get enough of them!!  Oh boy, am I in trouble now! (Shhhhh….don’t tell my husband!)

This lil lady had my heart at first glance.  I was absolutely, positively putty in her hands.  She was such a sweetheart and what a beauty!  And if you knew her mom and dad, you’d know exactly where she got it from!  :)  I just love these two parents and was I so proud of them!  They make parenting for the first time look so easy!  I am very much looking forward to watching Baby A grow and bloom into a lil lady….just take a peek, she’ll steal your heart away too!

Just a quick announcement, I’m completely booked for 2009!  I will send out an email shortly to my Fall clients with details on their upcoming session.  I have a waiting list of families started if any openings should arise…otherwise, I have begun booking sessions for February 2010.  Thanks!