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Water Fight!

Thought I would take a short break from client photos and share some good times we recently had with close friends.  We had our 5th yr Anniversary party with E’s playgroup which turned into a full-on water fight (courtesy of the dads!)  And can you guess who was one of the major contributors??  Yeah, it was D’s bright idea to start using the water in the ICE COLD coolers…yikes!  I’m just glad I got reprieve from being attacked since I had my camera.  Whew!

The inflatable pool was taller than my daughter!

Look at that sweet, innocent face

                                                                             …attached to the hand holding the ammunition!

The water shooter (not surprisingly) is taller than my daughter!  :)

Conspirator in action:

Hard to believe how fast the past 5 yrs have flown by…our lives are all the more richer and fuller with you in it!  I couldn’t imagine parenthood without you guys!  We love you!

– Ethan’s mommy

Welcome Home.

I brought home my new baby yesterday…And I cannot tell you how excited I was! I have been debating, hoping, planning, and saving for this bad boy all year. And when I say “bad”, I mean seriously B-A-D. Let’s just say, before I had the capabilities to shoot at ISO 1600 and now I can push that limit to ISO 25600! (For the non-geekers out there, that means I can shoot in Super Duper LOW LIGHT conditions!)  And where I once had 12.8 MP, I now boast a whopping 21.1 MP…that’s enough to enlarge your favorite family portrait up to the size of a billboard!   😉  So bring ’em on, my friends….

And what is so handy dandy about the new camera is that I can now have 2 cameras with different lenses already attached and easily accessible at my fingertips…yippie!  Unfortunately, there will be a slight learning curve and I’m hoping to get to play soon as soon as I finish up these last few sessions.  Speaking of which, if you’re still needing to place your print/canvas order give me a shout out before August 31!  After that, I will be BUSY, BUSY with Fall sessions and Holiday orders.  Also in the works for the Fall is a new client site and ordering system!

And what would a post be without pictures of the newest member to our family…?

In case you were wondering, these were shot with my backup 5D and my 50mm 1.4 lens at f1.4.


I finally finished editing this maternity session and was going through the images one last time when I came across this one.  It was initially marked to be cut (not to be included in the final gallery), but after making a few adjustments in Photoshop I was thrilled with the results.  Just goes to show you that beauty is all around us and it’s our job to stop and notice.  “There’s beauty all around our paths, if but our watchful eyes can trace it midst familiar things, and through their lowly guise.” –Felicia D Hemans.

And with their permission, I’d love to share the rest of our session together…

Ok, Chris your albums are up next…and then Matt’s session…and then Michelle’s album!  Whew!  More to come…

Dream session.

Must’ve dreamt it, cause I certainly can’t believe it.  It’s just too good to be true.

I knew after this session was over that the images were going to be amazing.  Little did I know just how incredible they would turn out.  I had so much fun throughout the session…man, we had clothes flying everywhere (from multiple wardrobe changes!) and the creative ideas just kept coming.  Thanks, H, for trusting me and a big thank you to W for being patient and letting us girls have fun! 

I can’t tell you enough how beautiful this lil mama was…I felt like a professional photographer working on a model shoot.


H – I’m about halfway done editing your session, I’ll email you when your gallery is ready.  Looking forward to meeting Baby R!