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The Gift

Those who know me may know that I am always searching high and low for the perfect gift to give.  It brings me joy to give a gift from the heart.  The look of happiness it brings to their face is priceless and makes it all the worthwhile.  For those that know me really well, know that I have the HARDEST time accepting gifts.  I don’t know why, I just do.  It is much easier for me to be on the gift-giving side than the gift-receiving side.

HOWEVER, the one gift I always look forward to getting every year is family portraits.  After all the countless hours I’ve spent behind my computer, I’m embarrassed to admit how few images I have of my own children (well, since I’ve become a prof photographer, at least!).  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve captured many, many moments of them on my camera (and stored them all away on my computer), but very few get touched after I download them and even fewer get printed. (Shame on me!)  So my one indulgence (that my dh allows me…) is a family portrait (where I actually get to be in the picture!)

I’m totally blessed beyond belief (and rotten spoiled) to have such phenomenal photographer friends.  They give new meaning to the definition of portrait photography.  And when the portraits they are taking are of my family, it brings it to an entirely different level for me.  I first met Kim at a photography workshop over a year ago.  What touched me most about her was her generous nature, huge heart for people and passion for photography, and her incredible talent.  So when I knew we were taking a road trip to visit family in LA, I had to jump on that opportunity and call to beg for book a session for my family…


Those last two images….I can’t stop staring at them!  Think I’ll have to get some 30×40 canvases of those made!   Kim – I love you, gal!  Thanks for making me the happiest mom EVER!  :)  Between you and Matt, I’m going to have to fill every piece of wall space I have in my home!!!


True Beauty…

I had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer this past year at my son’s school during his class field trips and events.  It was so much fun to get to know E’s fellow classmates throughout the year and I soon found myself falling in love with their charming personalities, big smiles and unending sense of wonder.  They were each so unique and delightful to spend time with.  I am honored that my son was a part of such an incredible class.

You can imagine my excitement when the mom of one of E’s classmates called to schedule a session.  Her daughter and my son seemed to gravitate toward one another in school and it’s easy to see why.  When I first opened these images on my computer, I was speechless.  The beauty of this lil girl and her older brother was breathtaking.  As I edited each image one after the other, I would find myself mesmerized by their captivating eyes and sweet, sweet smiles.  Not to mention both children were such angels and so loving towards one another that my heart would just melt…

I can hardly wait for our family session this fall…it’s obvious where these two get their gorgeous looks from!


I’m just about caught up on sessions and working to get your orders out to you as soon as I can…been enjoying a bit of summertime with the kids!  Thanks for your understanding!  :)