Monthly Archives: May 2009

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What a dream….

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed these sessions with this family.  Though I had just met them, I felt as if I had known them for a while since we shared so many mutual friends.  Working with Baby S was a dream come true.  She was such an angel for us – she let me put her in all sorts of places & positions (with no clothes on, I might add!) and she hardly made a sound, much less cry!  I must’ve told mom and dad many times over how lucky they were to have such a good baby…I’m sure dad’s gonna have his hands full soon enough, especially if she looks like her beautiful mamma!

For those still waiting on your sneak peeks, I apologize for the wait and hope to get them out soon!  My son was sick with fever for a week and it threw me a bit off schedule in addition to our end-of-school-year activities!

Also, I have decided to take a break this summer so I won’t be taking any appointments through August.  This will be my first scheduled break in the two years since I’ve started this photography adventure…it will give me a chance to refresh and get things in order (like updating my website and my new client site!).

R&B – I hope to have your sneak peeks up this weekened…thank you for your kind patience!

All grown up…

I’ve known this gal since 2nd grade when she moved 3 streets down from me.  I can remember going over to her house almost every morning in middle/high school to “get ready” (i.e. find something to wear in Tami’s closet!).  I’m getting flashbacks of Jelly shoes, Units, Dirty Dancing, slumber parties and sneaking out to wrap houses.  Ahhh, those were the days….

Growing up, I was always the little girl with the BIG glasses…definitely a late bloomer.  So when I saw her mom for the first time since HS at Tami’s first baby shower (6.5 yrs ago), she said “Gosh, Denise, I hardly recognize you!  You’re all grown up!”  {hee hee, it still tickles me!}

My friend amazes me…pregnant with her first child while in Medical school could not have been an easy feat!  And then having her 2nd child while in residency and her 3rd child after opening her own practice is incredible.  Just look at her now…a Dr. in Katy with her own lil ones running around.  It’s been a yr since our last session and B has gotten so big!


 Would love to post a photo of us on a celebratory birthday trip to Astroworld from the 4th(?) grade, but fear that S would kill me for doing so has kept me restrained!  😉