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Something magical…

I can’t exactly place my finger on it…but sometimes, just somtimes…the stars line up just so and God smiles down on me with an unexpected blessing!  I don’t know how it happens, but on some rare occasions I’ve found something magical happens at a session.  The location is perfect, the lighting is right, the timing and moods of the children are all good.  And despite all my worries and anxieties (the light is escaping us too quickly, there are too many cars in the background, the dog licked my lens!…), it seems to all work out just fine.

Thank you, the D Family, for making me feel comfortable and welcome into your world for a little while.  Though this was only the first time we had met, I felt as if I had known you all for a while.  Your girls were fun to capture and I look forward to meeting baby A soon as well!  I’ve got some neat ideas I’ve been thinking of trying, especially since this is my first Christmas baby (at least since my baby was born)!  Enjoy your sneak peeks!

 Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think…my blog needs some lovin’!  😉

Sweet and sassy – just the way I like it!

My good friend and her family were so much fun to shoot…I actually had to set my camera down a few times because I couldn’t hold still from laughing!  I mean, c’mon, where do these girls come up with this stuff??  It was too funny!  Her gals were a blast, one step ahead of me at all times, always eager to flash a smile and strike a pose – Sissy setting the stage and posing like America’s Next Top Model and then little sis following suit…and all the while, Dad and Bubba were contentedly letting the girls steal the show.  My goodness, how big is this l’il guy now?  He’s all grown up and almost a man!  Before you know it, he’ll be twice my size and I’ll be shooting his senior portraits!  How fun!

Thanks for coming out and braving the cold weather for me.  But you have to admit, the wind did add to the effect with such beautiful radiant, flowing hair, ladies!


SR – I hope to have your gallery up tomorrow along with some Holiday card proofs for you to choose from!  Thanks!

It just doesn’t get any better than this…

Well, I thought I had the BEST SESSION EVER the very first time I photographed these two…that was, until I photographed them again with the whole family this time!  You may even recognize them in my slideshow header (except the baby isn’t a newborn anymore!).

I just love their energy and adventurous spirits…and I cannot get enough time with these two.  As I’ve mentioned before they are so respectful and well-behaved (I want to know your secret to successful parenting, KW!)  I had a blast catching glimpses of her daughter’s independent, carefree spririt and a little of her sassitude (in a good way, of course!).  She’s got wild, free-flowing long locks too, just like my baby!  (Not to mention her strong sense of fashion!)  I’m hoping my son will be just as responsible, caring and protective as this lil guy is over his two younger sisters.  It’s enough to make your heart melt over and over – seriously!

Excuse the long post, I just couldn’t narrow down my faves!


And I must admit, I love their serious side as well….some of my favorite pics are when they aren’t posed & smiling!  I think these two would make excellent models – what do you think?