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Holiday Gallery is online!

I’m so excited, the Christmas cards are now on my site!  I must admit, I am a BIG-time lover of paper products…stationary, note cards, journals, you name it!  And once I discovered digital scrapbooking, I was hooked!  So you can understand why I am thrilled to offer these cards to you…I cannot tell you how amazing the finished product turns out! 

There are 70 images shown in the Holiday Gallery, but I have more!  Not to mention, I can easily modify colors/text/fonts to your liking or even custom design a card for you if you have something specific in mind.  I will be offering both flat and folded 5×7 cards this year in a variety of cardstocks (glossy, watercolor, linen and pearl).  For my Holiday mini-sessions I will offer 10-12 images in your gallery and let you choose 2-3 card designs to help narrow down your decision on a card choice.  There are so many, I know it will be hard to decide!

The first 15 images are actually designs for a folded 5×7 card.  The first image is the front cover of the card, the second is the inside spread of the card, and the last image is the back of the card.  There are 5 different card layouts (with a coordinating front/inside/back) available.  Here’s an example:

Are you wondering where can you find these???  Check it out:   Just click on the small thumbnail to view each design.  Enjoy!

Check out them baby blues…

Now this fam and my fam go way back…to when our babies were truly babies!  And I am SO thankful for this woman and her genius initiative to start our playgroup (esp for us mommies!).  I’ve gotten to know (and love) these women like sisters, and I’m happy that my children have such great friends!

Mom, like me, is into details (ok, kind of a perfectionist, which is not always a bad thing, I know!…sorry, H!)  So you can only imagine how nervous I was to shoot this session.  But I must admit, I couldn’t have asked for a better time! These boys made it too easy for me…they smiled and listened to mom & dad, all while having a good time (especially climbing trees and playing with the sticks)!  I just love these two little guys, what gorgeous eyes!  Watch out, mom, these boys are gonna be trouble…

Ok, K’s mommy….just for you, by request.  We can change out the images and position, but I wanted to give you an idea of what we could do.

Hope you like your sneak peeks – have a fantastic weekend!!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…

I can remember singing that song in elementary school…it’s been a walk down memory lane this week with my BFF (who lives in Japan) in town for her baby shower.  We had 5 of us there who have been in school together since Kindergarten-2nd grade.  Can you believe it??  It’s so touching for me to see our little ones growing up and getting to be the same age as when I met some of my early childhood friends…and to wonder if they will be so blessed to still call them friends when they’re grown up and raising their own families.  Sigh…I’d better stop myself before I start to choke myself up! 

Ok, back to the main topic at hand…Christmas!  Did you know that there’s only 72 days til Christmas?!?!  Yikes!!  It seems to be sneaking up on me quicker every year!  Or maybe it’s just that I’m just running more behind every year!  But I will say that I was super EXCITED to put together my very first Christmas card this season!  I have to share it with you because it is SO beautiful…with permission of my other BFF, of course, who happens to also be on the other side of the world!  I’m so jealous, first of all, because they came out so stunningly gorgeous!  And secondly, because they are already done!  (Can you tell who’s going to be sending out her cards at the last minute this year??  hee hee)

She chose a 5×7 folded card with images on the outside as well as images on the inside of the card…the card is printed on watercolor paper, one of my faves!  The colors come out so rich!

This was a fun session, her little ones (so precious!) love to explore and climb trees…and though it initially seemed as if we didn’t get many good shots, this ended up being one of my favorite sessions to-date!  I think I could spend all day watching this slideshow over and over!  {C, I think they turned out better than our beach session last year (which was pretty hard to beat!)  Love you & Happy Belated, my friend!}

I hope to have my Christmas card gallery ready this week! So leave me a comment below if you’re interested and I’ll send you the link! Thanks!

Custom Wall Design Gallery

Custom-designed especially for you, Mrs. C!  I didn’t want to post too many choices with various combinations of images from your session (and overwhelm you!), so I thought we’d first decide on which layout you’d prefer first and then we can choose which images next.

The dimensions shown are your print sizes and the spacing of the frames is up to your discretion, but I hope this will give you a better idea of what it could look like.  I just received my new frame samples (yay!) so I can show you them next time!  They are so beautiful!