Monthly Archives: September 2008

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Well, it’s been over a week now since Ike, and I’m thankful life is starting to resemble normalcy!  Missed those late nights spent editing on my ‘puter.  My “vacation” without lights and A/C is now over…sigh.  Back to work!!   And just in time, I’m booked for the holidays through Jan 2009!  For my upcoming sessions, I hope to soon have my Christmas card gallery up and will let you know more about my special Holiday collection.

Thought I’d share a glimpse of the post-Ike destruction around my area.  The poor park!  These were taken a couple of days after the storm and this was even after the Boy Scouts had picked up some! 



And on a lighter note, I did enjoy some silly times with my little ones…who knew you could have so many different expressions with mustasche glasses??? 


Ahhhh, good times!

Beautiful girls…

I just love this family…truly, I do!  These ladies are such incredible women – so thoughtful, loving, generous, mature, and beautiful, inside and out!  It’s easy to see where these girls get their good looks from!  I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with them and thoroughly enjoyed myself!  It’s not everyday that I get to photograph “big kids” that stay in one spot!!  I have to admit I was a bit nervous since Ms. A and her beau were my very first seniors!  But they were soooo good to me, I may work up the courage to take on some more!




Thank you, sweet girls!  I look forward to our next session in Galveston!



Race against Ike….

As most of you know, Hurricane Ike is headed this way…literally, right towards Houston.  So in an effort to become hurricane-ready, we rushed to board up our windows, shop/cook/prepare food & snacks, freeze our water, fill our bathtubs and gather together all of our most treasured possessions.  Not to mention keeping my two lil ones entertained at the same time!  And somehow in the midst of all that, I miraculously got a chance to finish editing this session (thank goodness for naptime!).  I promised Mrs. C I’d have her sneak peeks ready by this week and her gallery up by the weekend…so I am in a mad dash to post these on my blog, set up her gallery on my site, and then shut down my computer and store it in a safe, safe place.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I did capturing them…these two were so much fun and full of life!  Cousins of another family I took pictures of, they were just as well-behaved and so sweet to work with.  I was lucky enough to bring them to a great location I was wanting to try out.  They were more than willing to go explore and I think they may have enjoyed it more than the park!  I can’t wait til we have our family session in a couple of weeks!!

 I think these two may have a modelling career ahead of them….



As much fun as we had that afternoon, this is the reaction I got when I told them we were done for the day…

Thanks so much for your patience, Mrs. C.  I hope it was worth the wait! 

To all those anticipating the storm, be safe – my love and prayers are with you.  God bless.


Simply gorgeous….

I am SO EXCITED, I cannot contain myself!!  I just received my latest product offering…and it’s even more stunning than I had imagined it to be!  My favorite details are the thick pages and large images, I’ve never seen another album like it around!  Perfect for your Baby’s first moments or as a Family album keepsake….I would love to custom-design one for you!  The lead time to receive these is 6-8 wks so if you’re interested in getting one, you must order early to receive it in time for Christmas!