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We happened to meet this lovely young lady one night in New Orleans and Adrienne and Tracy sweet talked her into modelling for our next shoot.  Wow, photographer’s jackpot – she is gorgeous, perfectly styled and such a natural in front of the camera with her electric personality shining through!  The uber-talented  Matt Nicolosi set up the lighting with his off-camera flash and video light, add in rockstars Tracy and Kim with their amazing posing skills…and voila, MAGIC!

Meet Nasimiyu, or Simi as we called her…she’s got an amazing voice and talent, not to mention that she is incredibly beautiful, inside and out.  Go check out her website…her debut album, It Ain’t Pretty, But it’s Beautiful, has just been released!

Best of luck to you, Simi…may you find continued success and happiness!

These are a few of my favorite things…

In no particular order, whatsoever…

1.  Sour Punch Twists, strawberry.

2.  Sweet golden light filtering through breezy trees.

3.  Good friends and Good food, and when enjoyed together it just doesn’t get any better than this.

4.  Schnuggles from my munchkins.

5.  A clean house.  …and fresh, clean sheets.

6.  A full day of uninterrupted shopping.  Ahhhh…..

7, 8, & 9…..these crazy adorable kids.

10.  Finally, finally, finally getting to shoot in a location that I had been waiting weeks to try!

I cannot say enough how much I enjoy spending time with this family and how I wish we could spend all day capturing images.  All day, every day…seriously.  Thank you, K, for trusting me and my crazy ideas, driving halfway across town and for sharing your loves with me!   I’m yours, anytime…

Pretty, Pretty.

Oh my goodness.  This has to be one of my most favorite places.  Ever.  Pink and black damask walls, checkered floors, glass chandeliers, yummy cupcakes!  What more could a girl ask for??  I still get giddy just thinking about it!  So you can imagine my gleeful excitement when my clients wanted to do a session there with just “the girls”, how adorable is that?!  And these three cousins just made it all the more sweeter! 


Ok, I know youare dying to know where this lil slice of heaven on earth is located…more details on this location to come later! 


This session was much anticipated, Mom and I have been planning and discussing for months now.  I was so excited to meet these beautiful girls, the two youngest are actually twins!  This gorgeous family is friends of my friends and Mom knew she wanted her session at the same location since her husband went to the same university.  It was also the same spot where she had taken her bridal portraits years before…I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic as D & I had done ours here as well!  Please forgive me for the long post, I was having a hard time narrowing them down!






And of course, we had to do the tree shot!  Thankfully, Dad was tall enough to hike the girls up the tree…






This last shot was my favorite…the sky was absolutely beautiful that day, almost like God was smiling down on us.  Thankfully, I was able to capture it on camera!


Speaking of anticipation, I’m taking a much-needed break for Thanksgiving.  After spending 8-12 hrs behind the computer every day, I promised my hubby that I would not work so I will catch you guys on the flip-side.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving…may you eat, drink and be merry with your loved ones!  God bless!