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Back to school – Are you ready?

I’m taking a break from my normal postings and going to take off my “photographer” hat and switch to my “mom” hat to post some helpful tips I’ve run across to help make life more orderly in the Beyer household.   Don’t read me wrong, we are far from organized around here, but I’ve realized a gameplan is necessary to keep some sanity around our busy hectic schedule.  Hope you find something you can put to use!  I’m always searching for ways to make life easier, so please share your tips by leaving me a comment!

I discovered this gem of a blog, Simple Mom, from my friend Vanessa’s fantastic blog.  The Simple Mom has got some great topics categorized on the right hand side:  Food and Drink, Green and Frugal, Your Haven, Kids, Money Management, Organizing, Productivity, Marriage, and Taking care of Yourself.  Some of her posts that caught my eye:  Steps for Organizing…Life, Back to the Basics:  Create a weekly routine, Back to the Basics:  Menu Planning, and my favorite:  My Daily Docket is My Daily Lifesaver.  Not only does she tell you how to organize your life on a daily, weekly, monthly basis, she equips you with the tools.  Go here to find her FREE downloadable tools:  Daily Docket, Master Weekly Checklist, Preschooler’s Chore Chart, Grocery List, Budgeting for Christmas, and more. 

Don’t have the time to print out all these lists?  Find a solution that works for you…I love my MomAgenda or I’ve even found these schedules on Etsy:

Hope you’ve found something to help make your life easier…let me know how it works out!  Now I can’t post without a pic, so here’s one from a recent newborn session that I’m dying to blog but must wait for the announcement!  If you think this one is adorable, wait til you see the baby!