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Climbing Mount Everest.

No, I’m not planning to climb Mount Everest (that’s not on my list of things to do…at least, not right now), but I thought this would be the perfect analogy to describe the challenges I am facing right now.  The past couple of years I have been struggling to maintain a balanced life…juggling my spiritual walk, my family and friends, my exercise routine, and my photography business.   Juggling is probably the best word for it, as I have oftentimes dropped the ball on one area or another.

I have asked myself over and over the same question, “How do people do it???”  How do they seem to balance their family, work, servanthood, exercise routine and kids’ activities?  And at the same time, they seem to take good care of themselves and teach important life lessons to their children.  What is their secret and how to I get my hands on it??  For me, what I discovered is that there is no way to DO IT ALL.  It is just physically impossible.  But, I have to admit…I’ve tried.  I’ve tried many a time and I have failed.  I have stretched myself so thin sometimes that on the rare occasion that I do tackle everything on my to-do list, it has come by taking short-cuts (skipping exercise, eating junk, not finishing the task completely) or at a high price (being cranky with my kids, neglecting time with my hubby, losing sleep or aging myself in the process…thankfully, no gray hairs yet!)

Please know I am not complaining…I have thoroughly enjoyed discovering my passion in photography, but it has definitely taken it’s toll on me.  And rather than burn myself out on what I love to do, I am (attempting to) learn to simplify and to set boundaries.  Though at this moment I am far from my goal, I’m taking steps in that direction.  I know what you’re thinking…what is she talking about?  And why is she telling me this??  Well, I’m hoping that once I put my goals out there, my body and mind will follow suit!  And I am also secretly hoping my loving friends will hold me accountable!  :)

For my spritual walk: I want to start my day each morning with a quiet time, digging deep into His Word, understanding what His good and perfect will is and how do I fulfill His purpose for my life.

With respect to my family, I am standing firm to putting them first and making them my top priority.  This looks like more quality time spent with them, having fun and enjoying them.  This is my only chance to experience childhood again through their eyes and I don’t want to miss a second of it!

In regards to my photography business…I’m trying to take on fewer clients each month so I can give them more of my attention.  I’m hoping to get my client site set up soon to make the ordering process easier and quicker for you.  Not only that, it will have your personal session information as well as an online catalog of my products.  One other thing to note…I don’t plan to schedule any Fall family sessions in Oct, Nov, Dec 2010 to give me time with my family, to recharge physically and mentally and to refresh my photography skills.

And last, but not least, for me…I hope to get our family eating better (I’m totally hooked on Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution!), exercising regularly, sleeping more, finding downtime for myself, and rather than racing to the next activity, event, deadline or stage in life…enjoying myself right where I’m at.  Though I may not be reaching the peak of Mount Everest today (or even tomorrow, for that matter!), I am working my way up there one step at a time!

And the real reason for this post…

I love this couple!  I always enjoy meeting friends of my friends…it is almost like we already know each other before we’ve even met!  They were super adorable to work with and kept me laughing the whole time.  I had a hard time picking which images to post on the blog…my most favorite being the first one above.  It was almost like a stolen moment between the two them.  Those are the bestest ever.

And I have to mention that the beautiful hairpieces in the next two images (and in this previous session) were from Gracylu Originals, they are truly amazing!  Thanks, Tristian!

M&M – I am praying for a smooth delivery and I cannot wait to meet your lil guy!

Sending a little blog love your way…

To my pleasure and delight, I have recently befriended Vanessa, owner of Jacquelyn Reece Baby and Kids and writer of “One Haute Kid” Blog. 

You MUST check it out:  {Read: RUN, don’t walk!}  Her taste is impeccable, her style is extremely hip, and she has a plethora of helpful ideas for your Baby & Childrens Decor.  Not to mention, her custom bedding and monogramming are to die for!  And the bonus is that it won’t break your bank! 

Check out some of these custom monogrammed designs:

Seriously, I could spend all day reading her blog and still not get enough!  It makes me want to redesign every square inch of my house!  (Shhhh…Don’t tell my husband!)  😉

I’m really excited to be working in collaboration with her, photographing some of the fabulous rooms she has designed.  I’m also thinking of trying out some of her exquisite fabrics as backdrops – I can hardly wait!  More in store for you this summer…


Top 10 Etsy Finds

Ok, my friends…here’s some of my favorite finds from one of my most favorite places online – ETSY!  I have to admit I have more than 10 fav shops, but if I HAD to narrow them down to ten, this is what they’d be:

1.  Pish Posh Girls…LOVE them!  My daughter has the Olivia Knot dress and people are always asking, “Where did I get that dress?”.  She gets tons of compliments on how cute the dress is.  I swear, she must wear it at least once a week!

2.  Tag-A-Long…I met this lovely lady at a market in Gruene.  Such a doll!  Her designs are cute, creative, and fun!  And which kid doesn’t just love bugs, lizards, and frogs?  Her tees and dresses are the softest cotten.  My daughter likes to wear her dress to sleep in, too!  I love how so many women (esp. moms) are running successful businesses doing what they love!  Maybe that’s why I’m such an ETSY fan!

3.  C Berry Baby…Her crayola apron is the so adorable!  What a fantastic idea!  LOVE it!

4.  Caught Red Handed…I just adore her belt buckles and pendants.  I’ve bought a few for gifts for friends here!

5.  Girls Day Out…My favorite item is her green tank with bird applique…so chic(k)!  :)

6.  Rocker Baby…Her bow dresses are so stylish…love the fabrics!

7.  Oh So Sassy…Her dresses are AMAZING!  And my friend, Kara May, does an INCREDIBLE job of photographing them!  She is truly my hero (I so wanna be her when I grow up)!  {Thanks, Kara!}

8.  Fategoddess…Love her adorable baby/toddler leg warmers!  She has such a huge selection…my BFF, Susan, just turned me onto these!  Can’t wait to see hers!

9.  Bella Sera Baby…Her pinafores, wrap skirts, bibs, slippers and lounge pants are so cool!  Love the designs and the patterns!

10.  Pretty in Posies…One of the largest selections of handmade pretties for your daughter’s hair, made of soft felt.  So cute!

Ok, so those are my top 10 faves (right now!), but I had to include this one because this owl hat is irresistable!   Check it out!

And I couldn’t post without a picture, of course…well, how about a series of pictures in a slideshow instead??  Just got a new slideshow program and though I’m still learning how to use it, it’s a lot of fun!

Designers’ Showcase: Pish Posh Girls

One of my favorite places to browse and shop is on…LOVE it!!!  And this particular designer, Laura of Pish Posh Girls, is AMAZING.  From reading a recent interview with her on Aug 28th, she seems like an incredible person in addition to being a highly talented designer as well!

I cannot get enough of her designs and apparently neither can anyone else…her fall line has sold out!  She will be making some new designs for Winter/Christmas and she may have some material left from her fall line if you desire a custom order.  Check out her shop on Etsy: ~  Run, do not walk!